Tristan Fennell

My work has always been concerned with the asymmetry of conflict, the difference between two or more elements, be it visual or political, such as in the series of Irish nationalist tattoo iconography in Dublin in 2001 and more recently, in the clash between the discourse of leisure and dwelling in the parks of Tokyo in 2007.

I am a co-founder of ArchLab, a collaboration with a resident film maker and artist on an estate in Hackney, East London. ArchLab is developing work around how residents sustaining a place called “home” and use narratives from the past and of the future to conflict certain notions of urban regeneration.

I was one of the first students to graduate with a BA of Photography in Ireland from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2002 and he moved to Japan the following year. There I was heavily influenced by the eastern concepts of spacial relations, typified by the sensibly of the Japanese garden.

During my MA at Goldsmiths College in 2007 I continued to visually explore the uses that people make of objects and space. My work is continually developing an emphasis on the dichotomy of organic growth and society's attempt to delimit non-organic asymmetry. The series 'Midori' focuses on the conflict between the homeless community to maintain their visibility in the Tokyo green spaces in the face of marginalisation and exclusion by the local Tokyo government. 'Midori' was recently selected to be exhibited at the Catalyst Arts Gallery in Belfast and I was awarded a grant by Culture Ireland to participate in the Singapore International Photography Festival 2008. My work has also been exhibited in Dublin, London, Tokyo.