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Does The Bus Stop Here?

Press Release 12 September 2011 [Text in English and Turkish]

We are thrilled to invite you to 'Does The Bus Stop Here?' a collaboration of  Nabil Ahmed with Füsun Türetken and Abbas Nokhasteh, taking place in Istanbul as a collateral event to  the 12th International Istanbul Biennial.    

Opening 16 September 4.30pm Kadiriler Yokuşu,  No. 1 Kalkan Sokağı Firuzağa-Cihangir, Istanbul.

Salon and Artist Q&A 19 September 6.30pm Nabil Ahmed with Abbas Nokhasteh, Füsun Türetken, Dr. Moustafa Traoré and guests  

Opening Times 17 September to 25 September 1pm-6pm, and by appointment: postfusun@gmail.com or postnabil@gmail.com  

In 2005 a mosque in the 19th district of Paris was demolished without money to rebuild it. The mosque was moved to a temporary location, a disused bus hangar in La Villette on the perimeter of Paris. The majority of inhabitants of the 19th district are French citizens of West African and North African descent. It is the front line of gentrification. Social housing is being renovated on a large scale. Yet the rubble of the 39 Rue de Tanger Mosque sits.   

‘Does the bus stop here?' uses field recordings made by the artist at the site of the demolished mosque, and inside the bus hangar and selected mosques and prayer spaces in Paris and London to articulate what are some of the most contested spaces in European cities.  

Realised in the form of a multi-channel sound installation, ‘Does the Bus Stop here?' is a critical response to Openvizor's ongoing research project Paris 19: Mobility, Memory and Migration (Andres Borda, David Kendall, Dr. Moustafa Traoré, Abbas Nokhasteh) which produces new aural/visual discourse about spatial division, social conflict/cohesion, assimilation, integration, citizenship and migration in contemporary French society.     

Nabil Ahmed is an artist, writer, and musician who lives and works in London. He is co-founder of Call & Response, a sound art curatorial project based in London. He is currently a PhD can


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