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Mahmoud Bahkshi Moakhar, Jesus, 2007

The video work, Jesus, is the result of six month residency in 2007 at the Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, South Korea. The work was created in collaboration with Turkish artist Fatma Çiftçi.

The video consists of over 8,000 photographs taken by Mahmoud Bakhshi Moakhar of the churches of Seoul and their red neon crosses spread across the city. The work is overlaid with text from email correspondence written by the project coordinator, Anna Kang, attempting to share interpretations of the neon crosses, red of the blood of Christ and red light that is easy to find from afar.

After the Second World War, along with American soldiers, Christian missionaries spread across South Korea, with over half of the South Korean population then converting to Christianity. One interpretation is that the neon crosses everywhere in South Korea are in part in remembrance to those American soldiers and missionaries.

Exhibited as installation on the balcony of a building at the Lion Under the Rainbow (contemporary art from Tehran) exhibition, 2008, Athens, Greece (photo courtesey of Viviana Athanassopoulou)

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