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Memento Mori London, 3 September 2009

5.00-7.00pm 3 September 2009: Central London, UK.

Memento Mori London was a conceptual live performance project by Natalia Skobeeva], which took place from 5pm to 7pm on Thursday 3 September 2009 on 7 bridges in central London, from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge.

Life is short.. life is to be lived!

The piece had two 'ghosts' on each bridge walking and stopping, they did not interact with the public. The otherworldy figures, accompanied by a strong aroma of flowers (commonly associated with the appearance of peaceful ghosts), move up and down the bridges and incorporated a sound around them of the sea. The ghosts depicted stories connected with each bridge and attempted to evoke a sense of tranquillity and memory in amongst the rush-hour, moving up and down the bridges for before disappearing into nearby streets.

The concept behind the project was born out of recent statistics that in the current economic situation people are spending more time at work, and less time enjoying life and doing things that matter. The project aims to challenge current social values, by reminding Londoners of the fragility and timescale of human life.

Bridges symbolize connection and transformation, a passage to an important place or state of mind. They represent the connection of the past to the present and future, and the possibility of change."

Natalia Skobeeva

Images courtesy of Sergej Kasperovic. Supported by Openvizor, Pushkin House, Mad World Fancy Dress. The film concept on 7 bridges and documentation initiated and produced by Openvizor. Special thanks for the kind cooperation of Westminster Council, Office of the Mayor of London and City of London Corporation.

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